Hi, I’m Mel, the owner and creator of the Wee Wild Wanderers!

Mel, creator and owner of the Wee Wild Wanderers

Not long ago, I was a biological conservation scientist and occasional creative. I was lucky enough to take a long break when expecting my daughter, giving me the opportunity to think about the role model I wanted to be for her. While I loved my job, I had lost my passionate nature throughout the years and realised two things were missing in my life to light that spark again: having a tangible impact, and being more creative. Inspired by my daughter’s inherited love for all living creatures, the amazing beauty and diversity of the Australian bush, and that unique feeling of accomplishment when snapping off the last thread of a finished handmade garment (ha!), the Wee Wild Wanderers was born.

By buying our range of products, you are helping to:

  • support a small Australian business;
  • stop fast fashion (and do the right thing for the planet);
  • educate yourself about our unique Australian native flora and fauna.

Our products are all unique pieces, handmade with love and passion using a range of quality fabrics, from Australian suppliers and/or with prints from Australian designers.

Happy wandering!